A New King (and Queen) are Appointed

Each year it has been our tradition to recognise one of our riders for their exemplary contribution to the Ghostriders. The criteria that are taken into account are regular participation in scheduled rides, a supportive attitude, good sense of humour and well respected by all their peers.

For the past twelve months Marj Dowie has filled this role, but her reign officially came to an end with the last ride of the calendar year. Selecting new royalty was not an easy task as we have so many worthy people to choose from.

After a lot of input and discussion, I am thrilled to announce that, for 2020, we will not just have a King or Queen, but we will have a King AND Queen. Ross and Fran Luke are now officially appointed as our reigning monarchs for the next year.

Ross and Fran have been actively involved with the Ghostriders for the past 7 years. They take regular part in Thursday, Monday, night and weekend rides and have completed a number of our overseas rides. We can look forward to another wonderful year under their example and leadership.

Our new King and Queen

Some of our “class of 2019” gathered at the Carriage Cafe in Seville

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