2023 European Cycling Adventure – now fully booked and confirmed

After three delays due to Covid 19, the travel industry is roaring back into life in a big way. In particular the European market has really taken off. Our next European cycling adventure was originally planned for 2020, but we have the exciting news that it has now been confirmed to go ahead in 2023.

This will be a two part adventure, starting with a loop ride around the famous “five countries” region. The ride will start in Maastricht and proceed through Holland, Belgium Luxembourg, France and Germany, before finishing in Maastricht 12 days later. We will then proceed to Koblenz to begin an 8 day bike/boat tour along the beautiful Moselle and Saar rivers. The trip will conclude in Saarburg.

Somehow the details of the new 2023 leaked out by word of mouth, and within 8 hours all available spaces have now been filled. That is something of a record for filling a new trip. All spaces are now fully booked and the trips are confirmed to go ahead.

Plans are now beginning for 2024.