Donna Buang eRide

Saturday 27th April

WE MADE IT !!!!!

On Saturday 27th April, 11 intrepid ebike riders headed off from Launching Place Pub car park. Their ultimate goal was to reach the summit of Donna Buang, a towering 1250 metres above them.

Before the ride none of us knew whether the ebikes would have the capacity to climb such a serious mountain. I am thrilled to say that, of the 11 that started, 7 made it successfully all the way to the lookout tower that marks the summit of the mountain. The climb was made all the more memorable by a smattering of snow that lay around the summit car park.

Of the 4 that did not reach the summit, all of them made it happily to the half way point and 3 actually made it about 95% of the way before being turned back due to low batteries.

Of course climbing Donna Buang is only part of the challenge. The descent is probably the most mentally challenging part of the exercise. Today we had the added problem of extremely low temperatures, making it hard to keep the blood flowing to our extremities.

It certainly was a most memorable day and a fantastic effort by all those who took part. Maybe this will be come an annual part of our calendar in future years.

Near the Aqueduct Trail
About 6 km from the summit – it’s getting cold
We made it to the summit
Yes that is snow on the ground !

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