First Rides for 2022

I am sure that you are all keen to know what form our 2022 riding calendar will take. After the past couple of years of continual ride disruptions and cancellations, I can tell you that the 2022 calendar is still a work in progress.

We will be having a get together of all our ride leaders to discuss rides and guidelines for the new year. I hope to have the new calendar ready for distribution early in January 2022. The ride leaders had a meeting after the Christmas Ride to make plans for 2022. We all felt it best to give riders (and ride leaders) a decent break over the Christmas/New Year period, so that they can spend time with their families.

It is now likely that the first ride for 2022 will be the Thursday ride on 13th January, although the format of this ride has not been determined.

We also agreed to make several other changes to the ride program for the new year. One change worth mentioning is that the start time for the Breakfast Rides will change from 7 am to 8 am. With all our riders getting older (and crankier) every year, we thought that an 8 am start would be a little less brutal. The Breakfast Rides will also start at Woori Yallock Station (NOT Wandin), as this will reduce the problem of sun glare riding into the rising sun.

Other changes will be announced in due course.