Erica – Walhalla Ride

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Although this ride is less than 40 km in length, its variety of surfaces and challenging climbs makes it not suited to beginner riders. It begins on the old Erica to Thompson Rail Trail. This trail is poorly maintained and requires a MTB or rugged hybrid and soem navigational skill. Those who make the effort will be rewarded with some amazing cycling experiences and fantastic views. After crossing the Thompson River we join the sealed road to Walhalla township where you should be able to buy some lunch. Then continue through the town to the Long Tunnel Extended Goldmine and follow the old tramway route back to the Thompson River. Here you cross over again and follow the sealed road up the (big) hill back to the Tyers Rd. Turn right and continue for a few hundred metres and then finally follow the old Walhalla Rd back to Erica.

Total distance about 37 km

The Google Earth overlay can be found here.