Free Day in Ulm

Beautiful Ulm – Einstein’s birthplace and our starting point for our Danube ride. Last night we walked to a restaurant right alongside the canal.The large waterwheel suggested that it was probably the town mill in a previous life. It certainly was a delightful place to share our first meal together.We sat at an outdoor table with the waters in the rapidly flowing canal right next to our table.
In a word I would sum up the dinner as “superb”. It has set a hight benchmark for our dining for the rest of the trip.
Back at the hotel early we soon settled down into our first sleep in 48 hours. Woke up at am to another blue sky morning and looking forward to exploring more of this town. The bikes are ready for us and most will be taking the opportunity to have their first taste of cycling for this trip. I will head up river after lunch and see what the next couple of towns are like.