Ghostrider Cycling Tops – New Order Underway

Over the past twelve months we have gained quite a few new riders into our group. All of these riders will need at least one Ghostrider polo shirt to wear on our rides. We also have quite a few people who will be taking part in our 2024 Epic Elbe Ride in Europe and also the 2025 Kiwi Capers Cycling Adventure.

The time has come for us to prepare a new order for Ghostrider polo shirts. These will be the same design as the most recent order. The shirts are comfortable to wear while riding and can also double as a casual polo shirt. They are printed in high vis colours for added safety while riding.

The men’s shirt is in high vis yellow, while the ladies shirt is the (very popular) pink.

This year Michael Slattery has agreed to look after the orders. The order will have to be closed by the middle of May.