In Which Even the Mad Dogs Stayed Home

With the temperature in Melbourne soaring to an almost unbelievable 45.1C we made the only decision possible and cancelled the scheduled ride. This was done according our defined hot weather policy which recommends that all rides where the predicted top temperature exceeds 35C are to be cancelled.

This policy was put in place not only to protect the health of our riders but also out of consideration for the high fire danger of the area crossed by the Warburton Trail. Gary and his colleagues at the CFA have recommended that all riders keep off the trail on days of total fire ban. Not only does riding in such conditions put the riders at risk in the event of a fire, but there is also the chance that people riding on the trail could actually be responsible for the deliberate starting of fires.

Needless to say, when the temperature went right past the 35C cutoff, the only sensible place to be was at home implementing our own fire plans.

Let’s hope for more moderate conditions next week.