In Which my mind Went Blank

They say that one of the first signs of getting old is loss of memory. Although I am sure I went cycling on the Warburton Trail last Thursday, I don’t seem to be able to remember a damn thing about the ride. I suppose I am approaching 50 now (or am I heading away from it ?), so I should expect some slight diminishing of my previously impeccable mental prowess, but it still comes as something of a shock.

As I sit and stir through the remnants of my neural connections I can vaguely discern some obscure images which may (or may not be) accurate recollections of what happened on the 23rd November. They seem to go like this (in no particular order)-

Weather – fine and mild, not much wind that I can recall (it could have been pouring with rain, but that is highly unlikely).

Peloton – good sized group of about 15 riders, Hooters once again missing (there’s no doubt in my mind about that one – he never rides any more).

My precious HASA – expertly repaired by a bike shop in Emerald (but I can’t remember the name of the shop), better than ever with a new bottom bracket assembly.

Lunch – coffee and cream cakes (no doubt about that either – it’s what I have every week).

Snakes in the Grass? I can’t seem to recall any unfortunate incidents of a reptilian nature, but considering the number of snakes we have encountered already this season, it would not surprise me if another (monster) snake was waiting just around the corner.

Punctures – Since my pumping arm is not tired, I can assume that I didn’t score a puncture.

Crashes – none (since Crasher Lewis is finally now a much wiser man).

Fun Factor – presumably very high, every ride with the Ghost Riders is a true adventure, frequently punctuated by unexpected jokes and laughs.

Any other incidents? I seem to remember the trail being lined by dozens of cheering fans, but I can’t discern whether that was reality or just the recurring dream that I have most nights.

Now, where did I put my tablets?