In Which the Shop had No Coffee!

After all the stresses and pressures of 2008 I think that many people have been looking forward to the turning of the page to a brand new year. With many of our regular riders on vacation I was not sure how many would be abel to attend our New Year’s Day ride but was pleased to find that a good sized peloton was waiting at COGS for the start of our first ride for 2009.

It was also refreshing to see that everyone seemed to be in quite spirits and were looking forward to a pleasant day out on two wheels. As we got underway it was soon obvious that most were content to roll along at a sociable speed and enjoy the very pleasant conditions. In fact everything went without a hitch until we reached Milgrove and went in search of our usual coffee shop. To our horror and dismay it was closed.

One of the foundational tenets in the Ghostrider Cycling Creed is that no ride is ever to be comtemplated unless it can be accompanied by a cup of coffee and at least one cake. To complete the first ride of 2009 without a coffee was just unthinkable and hence we rode on further in search of caffeinated sustenance. Our search finally came to a fruitful conclusion at the Good Food Cafe in Warburton where we were able to belatedly satisfy our cravings and have a good chat at the same time.

The remainder of the ride was completed in a similar relaxed frame of mind without punctures or crashes. It was the perfect way to start a brand new year.