In Which We Meet a “Real” Ghost

(Story Provided by Guest Writer – Peter Warren)
Dennis was to attend a meeting with BV today so it was my first time leading the weekly wide to Warburton for wecreational widers. I was so excited that I decided to arrive at Mt Evelyn early to welcome everyone as they arrived. At ten to one as I drove up to be met by a good size peleton already. They must have been as excited as I was.

There was Lex, Gary, Johnny come lately, Brendon and joined by Little John & Guest rider Ben.
But wait, there was another who looked a lot like Dennis. No it couldn’t be, he was at a meeting.
It must be the GHOST OF DENNIS. This ghost claimed that he had already ridden from Warburton also proving it could not be the real Dennis because this bloke was not even puffing yet.

Shortly after one I proudly led the peleton down the trail at a much reduced speed than normal, trying to keep everyone together. We hadn’t gone very far when I heard the ghost moaning and groaning that we were going too fast. Sounded Just like the ghost of Hooters.

To their credit all riders ignored the complaints and we had a very pleasant ride to launching place with all riders of the peleton within eyesight of each other (except for the old ghost at the back).

Shortly before the sprint up Settlement road I was at the rear with you know what I decided that I had given the leaders enough of a start, so I set out after them. I had almost snuck up on them unseen when a voice yelled ” Here comes Peter”. With that Lex and JCL sprinted early with Lex winning by a tyre’s width.

The ride to Warburton was brilliant with most of the peleton still together until we hit the main street. Dennis must have got the smell of coffee because he sprinted to the coffee shop. The only time he put in an effort for the whole distance.

At the coffee shop we were met by Spanner Billson and later by Mal and his mate Peter. Mal had apparently missed the start of the ride at Mt Evelyn by about 30 seconds and had spent the last 90 mins trying to catch up with the rest of teh group. In case you were wondering, Hooters must have seen the weather map from Cooktown and decided it was too wisky to wide in that nasty weather.

While we were enjoying our coffee we were exposed to one of the more pleasant sights that we have ever seen in Warburton – not someone walking a sheep, not a couple of locals having a fist fight, not even Bob’s lavendar lady – but a strikingly attractive young lady wearing the remnants of what might have once been a skirt. After walking slowly past our group and casting an appreciative glance at my legs she entered the shop. We all started to breathe again. Whew !

After our usual banter at the coffee shop we finally said goodbye to the Ghost of Dennis and the peleton of 10 headed over the bridge on our homeward journey. It was here that we saw a terrible case of road rage.
A crazed driver swerving all over the road, blasting his horn and gesticulating madly came upon us.
However we were lucky enough to get his rego number so next time we see the car it could have flat tyres.

At Millgrove a fire siren echoed around the Valley. this was a signal to say goodbye to our resident firefighter, Gary. He was last seen heading up the road at great speed, with bell ringing, red lights flashing and a water bottle in each hand ready to put the fire out.

This caused a bit of a disruption of the peleton but Spanner and I just enjoyed the brilliant day back to launching place where Spanner left us. The rest of the peleton regrouped and rode back together.
EVEN MAL got rid of Doswells Disorder for the day. It was only several phone calls that delayed Mal & Peter and caused them to lag behind.

The Hillclimb up to Mt Evelyn is now getting very competetive. Today the lightweight JCL was too good for me followed closely by Brendon.

It was a pleasure to lead the group on such a magnificent riding day and with John Seamons not with us it has been good to have someone else or the Ghost of Someone else to pick on.