In Which You Can’t Believe the Forecasts

(This ride account submitted by Jon Bate)

It was time for the Thursday arvo Warby Trail ride, the first for 2008
The forecast was for 30C which was a bit daunting,
Still there was always the water trough on the way ‘tween Woori and Cogs to relish in.

So I loaded the treadly on the Ute and headed off to Woori, via Peter’s shop,
hoping he’d talk me out of it with words like
“you’d be a mug to ride in this weather”


“ come with me and ride the trail tonight instead. I’ll go slowly so you can keep up”
Ah Ha! thought I. I know who’s riding the trail that night— all the day workers
By itself that would not be so bad, but that pelaton consisted of Peter, Andrew, Phil, Lothar at the least. When did any of them ride slowly?

So, and feeling quite let down, I proceeded to Woori with the notion of crawling up to Cogs and see if anyone was there.
I even hoped there would be someone at Woori to ride with.
Forlorne hope!

Was Woori

So off to Cogs with time aplenty to ride easy and get there by 1.00
I was amazed. It was hot when you stood still thinking about getting on the bike AND delightfully cool when you started riding. The ambient air temperature made it a lonely delight.

Anyway, I didn’t quite get to COGs. My phone kept ringing and I suffer from this conditioned relex to answer it. It might be the Tatts Lotto. So I was swamped by a gaggle of 6 Yellow riders. Just short of Wandin.

In clouds of fine Trail dust they flew past with vague words of endearment.(I prefer to think of them as endearment)Around I turned and hurried after the bunch, and Gary H appeared from the rear end of the dust storm to wait for me.

No one at Woori, but a blinding multi coloured flash announced the arrival of Crasher Bob. Now we were 8.

The wind stayed cool as we rode, and I swapped army yarns with Warby Phil, who was in the same National Service intake as me, and went to the same camp of bastardry

Then the Blow!!!
The bakery at Millgrove was shut.
BUT, the licensed grocer was opened. You can guess the rest.

After a “Pleasant”” break it was time to redamage our bums and head wherever
Bringing up the rear (not because of any association with the Lic. Grocer) was Crasher and myself.
Riding with C Bob can be likened to an error of judgement given the blinding pace he prefers, yet on this occasion it turned out to be fortunate.

He had a blow out just out of Milgrove as the rest of the Pelaton disappeared into the distance, never to be seen again.
Crasher had not experienced a blow out for 5 years.
This was to prove telling.

We (he) replaced the crook tube with his spare, only to find that a 5yr lack of use had dried his pump seals. No air. Out with my (really good) pump. Then the tube refused to inflate. Must be the valve. Try again. No go. Pump must be crook. Nope! Has to be the spare tube.

Seems like 5 yrs of storage in Bob’s bike pack had caused it to return to its original raw materials..Out with the old tube and puncture kit.Out with the lump of wood that had inserted itself in the casing of the tyre to cause the leak in the first place. Actually, this was quite hard with out a knife and the skill of a surgeon. Still sharp teeth did the job.

All was well in the world and away we went for one of the quickest trips I ever did from Millgrove to Woori.

I think Bob was cruising, but I bl….y well was not.

And so to Woori where a lonely Ben was the sole resident, awaiting a lift home with me. Goodness me his bike is light!!

What was nicest was the surprise of the weather. A hot day when stationary, and a cool day when riding.

So much for forecasts

Oh Yes, that phone that kept ringing was merely to announce the arrival in this world of twins for my son and his wife. What price a tandem?

Editor’s Note
Congratulations on the safe arrival of the two newest additions to the Bate clan.

I should also add that there were TWO other punctures during this ride. Phil Wallens punctured during the final section of the ride up to Warburton and had to withdraw from the ride. Gary had a spectacular blowout on his ride home from Yarra junction – destroying both tyre and tube. Looks like all bad things come in THREES after all.