Passau to Niederranna

After two fantastic days in Passau we resumed our ride this morning. The weather over the weekend had been hot and sultry but the predicted change arrived toy. The temperature dropped and we rode in gentle drizzle for the entire ride. It was not until after we arrived that the skies really opened and the rain poured down in torrents. By that time we were all safe and warm in our hotel.

Our home for tonight is the Gasthoff Draxler, a family owned guesthouse right on the river bank. When we were here two years ago we dined on the outside tables while we watched the river cruisers pass by. With the rain still pouring down I think we will be snuck in the dining room this evening.

At morning tea this morning we met up with a small group of English riders and enjoyed some light hearted banter about the relative worths of our respective cricket teams. They agreed that they had suffered humiliation for many years and that it was probably time for their team to enjoy a temporary resurgance for a couple of years.

Everybody is in good health and improving in stamina with each day’s ride. I am sure that they all left with fond memories of Passau. We have now crossed the Austrian border (although we misssed the actual border crossing in the rain) – our target now is to reach the romantic capital of Vienna.