Overseas Adventures

Over the past 12  years the Ghostriders have completed over 30 overseas adventure challenges. Almost 400 people have participated in these adventures. Some of the locations that stand out particularly are:

  • Cycling Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan Province of China (2006 & 2007)
  • Cycling along the Li River across two provinces of China (2008)
  • Completing a challenging trek to Kopra Ridge in Nepal (2009)
  • Watching sunrise over the  Taj Mahal in India (2009)
  • Cycling along the Danube River for 800 km across Europe (2009)
  • Twice cycling the Loire River from Orleans to the Atlantic (2013 & 1015)
  • Trekking to Machu Picchu along the Inca Trail (2010)
  • Cycling at 5,000 metres above sea level in Peru (2010)
  • Visiting the thundering Iguassu Falls In Argentina (2010)
  • Standing at Evita’s grave site in the Recoleta Cemetary in Buenos Aires, Argentina (2010)
  • Visiting Angkor Watt in Cambodia (2009)
  • Exploring the enigma that is Hong Kong (2008)
  • Cycling the Elbe River from Prague to Dresden (2011)
  • Completing an extended safari through South AFrica, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe (2012)
  • Cycling and trekking around Turkey and the Taurus Mountains (2012)
  • Cycling around Finland and Sweden at the time of the midnight sun (2014)
  • Completing the cyclists Coast to Coast across the UK (2014)
  • Riding across northern Italy from Venice to Florence (2015)
  • Completing a bike/barge adventure from Bruges to Budapest (2016)
  • Following the Danube Bike Path 1500 km from Donaueschingen to Budapest (2016)
  • Completing a mountainous ride through Bhutan (2013)
  • Following the path of the Burma Railway in Thailand (2013)
  • Cycling the highlights of the South Island of New Zealand (2014)
  • Exploring the amazing historical sites in Greece (2012)

From small beginnings big things can often grow. When we completed our first overseas challenge in 2006 I did not realise that this would become such a big part of my life. These trips have now developed a life of their own and I now have many more trips under development for the years ahead.

I am now in a position to use the experience that I have gained from planning and leading the Ghostrider trips to assist other groups develop adventures of their own. You don’t necessarily have to have a large group. In fact, groups can be as small as 4 participants and can involve a range of activities and levels of difficulty. The list of possible destinations is almost endless, taking in every continent on the planet (yes, even Antarctica). No matter what your age or degree of fitness might be, there are still plenty of adventures out there, just waiting for you to step out and experience them.

If you think you would like to join one of our adventures or form a group of your own, feel free to call me on 03 5941 6216 to discuss some of the possibilities. Life is too short to live with regrets and who knows where that first step might end up taking you ?

If you would like more information about some of our previous trips you could read all about them here.

Most of us never realise just what we are capable of achieving until we are put to the test – than what an amazing feeling of accomplishment you get when the goal is achieved. It might not be as spectacular as climbing Mt Everest, but for each of us there is our own “Everest” to conquer. For some it might be the first time overseas or the first time exposed to a different culture. All adventures combine a physical challenge with an emotional challenge – but the rewards can be life changing.

In all of our overseas tours (almost) everything is provided, including air fares, accomodation, most meals, bicycle hire, support vehicle, expert guide, etc. The cost is remarkably inexpensive when you consider what you get for the money.

So many spend all their lives dreaming of taking an adventure but then spend even longer thinking of reasons why they can’t do it. Step out of the comfort zone and do something that could change your life forever.

Contact me NOW on 0419 106324  or e-mail ghostriders@netspace.net.au for more information and travel itineraries, etc

Update – Feb 2017
Preliminary Plans are now underway for our European Adventures in 2018 and 2019. You might like to take these plans into your own travel dreams for the next three years. Here is what we have in mind:
2018 – The Pilgrim’s Progress (+ castles and vineyards of Portugal)
The Camino Trail is no doubt the most famous pilgrim trail in Europe (and probably the world). Over the centuries, countless numbers of pilgrims have trod the path to Santiago, following the “oyster symbols” all the way. Although there are now many ways to do the Camino (bicycle, pony, motorbike, donkey, etc) I feel that the authentic way is to do it on two feet. The only problem is that to do the full trail would take a commitment of around 6 weeks or more. The other issue is that some sections can be rather long and monotonous. Since not many have the time or money to commit to the full walk, there is a better way to sample the very best that this historic trail has to offer. Our plan is to travel the entire trail, but walking only the very best/most historic/most scenic sections. A private mini bus will transfer us past the less interesting sections and we will be able to enjoy the very best of the Camino in 2 weeks.

My plan is also to combine the above walking tour with a short (8 day) cycling adventure around central Portugal. This is a region we have not explored before and I am sure it will be a great “partner” to the above Pilgrim Trail. The emphasis in this section will be on exploring some of the famous castles of Portugal (we even stay in one) and to sample the food and famous wines of the region.

To avoid the heat of midsummer it is likely that this trip will take place in late September and early October of 2018. Register your interest now as places will be restricted to 15 participants .

2019 – From Nevers to Nazaire – French Cycling Adventure
There is absolutely no doubt that France is an amazing place to explore by bicycle. We have already conducted two extended rides in this country (2013 and 2015) and this year we will be doing another 3 extended rides in different parts of the country. Maggie and I have also travelled extensively all around the French countryside and we never cease to be captivated by its beauty and spirit. The famous Loire a Velo Cycle Path has now been extended past Orleans to Nevers. This now includes a completely different region of the countryside to ride through. Our plan will be to begin the ride at Nevers then ride to Orleans (around 5 days), have a rest day in Orleans, and then continue the Loire a Velo route to St Nazaire on the Atlantic Coast. We then follow the coast northwards to the beautiful seaside town of Le Croisic. The entire ride will take around 22 days.

Bike and Barge Around Provence
The above self guided ride will be combined with an optional bike and barge tour around the Provence Region of France. This section will last for 8 days and will begin in the historic city of Avignon. Our home for this section will be a fully equipped river boat. This will be an optional addition for those doing the above Nevers to Nazaire ride.
Places for both sections will be limited to around 16 participants.

Since places are very limited it would be wise to register your interest NOW in order to make sure that you receive priority treatment.