Riding Guidelines

In order to have the most fun and enjoy safe rides we do ask that riders obey the following guidelines:

  1. Helmets must be worn at all times when riding.
  2. When completing rides on public roads, normal road rules must be obeyed (including traffic lights).
  3. On busy public roads riders must ride no more than two abreast.
  4. Stronger riders are expected to assist weaker riders by taking longer turns at the front and by offering encouragement and advice.
  5. We expect riders choosing to join in one of rides to ride with the group and not surge or bolt off the front of the group. This invariably leads to some riders being dropped at the rear and the group becoming splintered. If you want to surge, wait until a nominated ‘sprint’ section.
  6. Bad language is discouraged on rides and club activities.
  7. Rides are predominantly non competitive but usually include a few sections where riders can give vent to their natural competitive spirit (eg short sprints or hill climbs). On all other sections of each ride we ask riders to exercise discipline by not attacking or varying speed which makes it difficult for less experienced riders to stay with the group.
  8. Before being eligible to apply for membership, new riders must first complete a minimum of FOUR official rides.
  9. Membership is open to both men and women, and visitors are always welcome to join us on any of our rides.
  10. Before joining a ride, inexperienced riders are advised to check their degree of fitness to assess if the ride is within their current level of ability.
  11. Riders are encouraged to maintain their bikes to a good level and make sure that they bring spare tubes and basic tools on each ride.
  12. Rides are intended for riders over 18 years of age. We cannot be responsible for looking after the welfare or safety of younger riders.
  13. It is a great asset to have a mobile phone on rides to assist with communication and coordination.
  14. Finally it is important to point out that we are NOT an official riding organization or Cycling Club. No charge is made for those wishing to ride with us. We are just a group of individuals that like riding our bikes together. We take no responsibility for any loss, injury, mishap or accident that may occur on any ride. Any individual wishing to ride with us takes full personal responsibility for their own safety and wellbeing while involved in any of our activities. It is important to point out that cycling can be dangerous and that accidents or injuries can occur, either caused by the cyclist themselves or by other parties. By participating with us you are agreeing that neither you or other parties acting on your behalf, will have any right to pursue legal compensation for any injury or loss suffered while so participating.

Role of the Ride Organiser

For all major scheduled rides held in 2008 we will have a nominated “Ride Organiser”. The responsibilities of the organiser are as listed below:

  1. To be thoroughly familiar with the exact route of the ride, including any potential danger spots, etc.
  2. To conduct the pre ride briefing and pass on any important instructions to the riders.
  3. To officially start the ride when they consider it appropriate.
  4. To conduct the ride in a fashion which is safe and enjoyable for all those taking part.
  5. To keep an eye out for anyone who may be in need of assistance during the ride.
  6. Any other tasks as required during the ride as may be considered important., such as delegating someone to be the “tail end charlie”.

If riders are running late for the start of a ride it is important that they contact the organiser to advise them of their situation.

No rider is to deviate from the prescribed route without first informing the ride organiser. It is important that the organiser knows the whereabouts of each rider during the ride. It is expected that all riders participating in any ride obey the directions of the ride organiser.