September 2012 Turkish Delights Adventure

In September 2012 a group of 19 Ghostriders experienced an amazing 20 day adventure around Turkey. This adventure combined cycling, trekking, sailing, hot air ballooning and sightseeing. It was a perfect way to explore this incredible country. The adventure began in Istanbul with 2 days to explore the central historic region and visit the Blue Mosque, the Hagia Sophia, the giant underground water cistern and the Hippodrome.

From Istanbul we travelled to the magical region of Cappadocia and enjoyed some of the most incredible cycling experiences I have ever had. Surrounded by towering fairy chimneys it felt like we were living a true Lord of Rings fantasy. This is where we also took an early morning hot air balloon flight over the countryside. With hundreds of balloons suspended in the dark sky like luminous jellyfish in the deep ocean, it is something we will never forget.

A little later in our trip we completed a challenging trek in the Taurus Mountains. With its stark treeless slopes this certainly was physically and emotionally demanding and only 1 person actually reached the original target of climbing to the summit of Emler Peak. The rest took the opportunity to savour our achievements by staying at Base Camp.

Our trip then followed the Mediterranean Coast back through Ephesus and Troy to the famous Gallipoli Peninsula, site of so much wasted life in WW1. It was here that we held our own quiet memorial service before wandering the ancient battlefields at Lone Pine.

At the end of the trip we finished back in Istanbul for some more time astonishing at the rich history of this place. It had been an adventure none of us will ever forget.