The Day before Departure

As soon as we returned from our first European ride in 2009 I started to plan a return ride in 2011. We had all enjoyed such a brilliant time riding from Passau to Budapest that it seemed logical to give another group the chance to experience such an incredible part of the world. Further investigation showed that we could start the ride much higher up the Danube, in the Black Forest region. The decision was therefore made to start our 2011 in Ulm and follow the Danube through to Vienna, then to travel to Prague and follow the Elbe back to Dresden in Germany. This ride would take us about 1200 km through Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.

After passing the word around about the proposed trip I soon has 16 people committed to be a part of it and a new dream was begun. Now after 12 months of anticipation our group is ready to get underway. The bags are packed, the tickets ready and we can’t wait to take off. By the time I get to the next post I will be in Ulm, Germany and our adventure will have begun.