Ghostriders & Vaccination

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had numerous enquiries from within the Ghostrider community about our stance with regard to unvaccinated riders joining our rides and other activities. Although all our rides are suspended at the moment, this is a serious issue which will need to be addressed when our rides eventually resume.

It is very evident that widespread vaccination provides the only practical way out of the current pandemic which has swept our planet. Many countries around the world are now in the process of reopening, but these new freedoms are only made available for those who have been willing to be vaccinated. It is inevitable that Australia will also have to adapt some form of “vaccination passport” to help contain the further spread of the Covid 19 virus.

There will always be some in the community that CANNOT be vaccinated, due to underlying medical conditions or other medications (such as chemo). That makes it even more imperative that those without such conditions, do the “heavy lifting” for the rest of the community. While some will no doubt shout that any such move will be an assault on their personal rights, we have always had restrictions placed on our personal freedoms, in the interest of the broader community.

Since most of our riders are of “mature years”, and since many have compromised health, it is our duty of care to provide as safe an environment as possible on all our rides. We know how important our rides are to so many people, and we do not wish them to stop riding with us, due to the danger of being exposed to anyone who has voluntarily chosen to remain unvaccinated.

For that reason, I think that it would be quite reasonable to ask that all those who wish to take part in any future rides, have at least their first (and preferably both) vaccinations. Since it is now looking like our rides will be suspended for an extended period of time, this gives everyone plenty of time to get their vaccinations started.

Just do it.