In which a ghost appears!

The weather was fine and clear but the wind was blowing almost as hard as John’s new 120 decibel tooter.

Dennis, Bob and John met at Killara Station for a digital “photo shoot” only to discover that Dennis had forgotten to bring the “film” for the digital camera. After several minutes of concerted humiliation Dennis joined Bob and John for the push into the wind up to Woori Yallock.

During this section John unveiled his secret weapon – the ghost whistle from the last train to ride the tracks up to Warburton. John had spent his off-bike time in his research lab meticulously perfecting the perfect electronic train whistle replica. Now that his bike is equipped with more electronic wizardry than Pine Gap he can hardly even wheel it up the hills, let alone ride it !!! Apparently he is planning to weld a mezzanine floor above his handlebars to hold some of the additional apparatus.

You should have seen the faces on the cows in the paddocks when they heard the whistle blowing – some of them had heard about trains from the very old cows who could remember the old steam trains from the days of the Bovine Dreamtime. We also got some interesting responses from passerby in the main street of Warburton.

Apart from the evil wind the ride went well until we got near to Warburton. John’s stockbroker called and while John was frantically trying to get hold of his mobile phone, it jumped out of his hand, bounced across the track and disappeared down the side of the embankment into the long grass. John slithered down the slope after his precious phone and spent the next 10 mins grovelling through mud and cow pats and probing the long grass looking for his mobile menace. Eventually he found his precious toy and he was able to complete his trip to the Coffee Shop, although looking slightly the worse for wear.

Fortunately Mal and Tony sent their apologies so we were able to talk about them all afternoon behind their backs. Bob is sure the reason for Mal’s absence was that he was not able to face up to another defeat in the sprint stakes. If it helps to encourage Mal the Battler, Bob the Builder says that he will give him about a 10 km start over a 15 km course to even up the odds. Come on Mal – we miss you!