In Which a Mystery is Finally Solved

I guess we have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle. The place where the normal laws of nature are suspended and ships, planes and people can apparently appear and disappear without warning. What I didn’t expect was that there could be another, equally mysterious, manifestation occuring right hear in our own back yard. Nicknamed the “Warburton Wecktangle”, it can literally cause cyclists to disappear down a cosmic wormhole located somewhere between Millgrove and Warburton.

The most recent victim of the Warburton Wecktangle was Bob Andrews. We all remembered that he was riding with us when we left Woori Yallock and yet when we arrived at Millgrove for lunch he was nowhere to be found. The ride had been plagued by a horrible head wind of gargantuan proportions but I had not believed that even a gale force wind could have picked him and his bike up and transported them to Kansas. The mystery was further compounded when we arrived back at Woori Yallock at the end of the day to find that Bob’s car was still there.

For a few moments I was tempted to wait around and see if Bob was all right, but it was cold and the wind had made me tired, so I jumped in the car and headed for home instead. I could not help wondering where in space or when in time, the cosmic wormhole might have transported Bob. Maybe Bob and his bike were now riding on a trail in a parallel universe.

It was not until the following day that I received this email from Connie and the true explanation of Bob’s disappearance was explained.

‘I thought I should report on our ride today… You may be thinking “what ride?”

Well, I arrived at Woori Yallock well before 1:30 and found Linda there, waiting for the group to arrive from Mt Evelyn. Since there was nobody else, and considering the wind and the average speed she might achieve, we decided to start on our way to Warburton, convinced that the group would catch up with us somewhere along the way. We thought we might stop at Millgrove, because of the strong wind, but when we got there we felt like continuing, which we promptly did, still under the impression that the group would catch up. As we rode along, I mentioned that it was the plan to have our bakery stop at Warburton anyway, according to your email, so we stopped and ordered our food and drinks at the Valley bakery and soon Bob joined us. But no-one else ended up in Warburton! (Probably the wind-factor?)

So, we started on our way back and found the wind much less of a problem, and sometimes even quite helpful, until, at Launching Place…. I got a flat rear tyre. The 3 of us worked it out and fixed it and soon were on our happy way again, with the end of the day approaching fast. Close to the log-cabin in progress, it happened again, and having lost confidence in the whole fixing-thing we decided I should walk up to the nearest road, from where Bob and Linda would pick me up in a car. This, I promptly set out to do, and achieved :), pushing my lame bike up the hill to a crossing close to the highway.

It all ended well and my bike and car and I were re-united at around 5:20!!

I’m grateful for Bob and Linda’s help- 3’s company, in this instance 😉 But, maybe we’ll wait next time, even when we think we’re slow…’