In Which A Revival Takes Place

After the cold and wet of the Yarra Valley winter I suppose it was not surprising that our numbers had taken a bit of a dive. In the halcyon days of summer we had been averaging about 25 each week, but the weather had obviously taken its toll on the ancient bones of some our riders. Over the past few weeks we had only averaged a dozen or so brave souls riding through the mud.

Although the weather bureau had once again tried its best to discourage riders from the trail with its warnings of wind and rain I was pleased to discover that, with the constant exception of Hooters, most of the other members had decided that would ride regardless of the dire meteorolgical predictions. As it turned out the afternoon was actually almost perfect for riding – the rain did not eventuate, temperatures were mild and there was NO WIND.

It was good to see some riders back in the peloton including Glenda, Helen and 2Bob. Duncan was also back to extend his ride all the way from Mt Evelyn to Warburton. It was even more remarkable to see that we were able to maintain pelotonic unity all the way from Woori Yallock almost to Milgrove. This gave a good chance to just roll along and enjoy some fellowship on the trail.

While we were gathered at Milgrove for lunch Helen informed us that she was heading off on an extended caravan holiday and would be missing for some time. This was also the final time that we would be seeing Bob (“Banjo”) Patterson before he heads off to ride in France. The rest of us will be left behind to look after the trail. A quick head count showed that we had at least 20 riders in the group making it the biggest group we had experienced for some weeks. This was surely a sign of bigger pelotons to come.

With only one more Thursday ride remaining before the advent of Spring I am sure that we are all eagerly looking forward to the day when we will be able to discard our arm and leg warmers and stop spraying snot from our dripping noses. That’s a great thought to look forward to.