In Which all but the Silly stayed Home

With continuous rain pouring from the leaden sky all morning I took the only sensible decision and stayed home. I did not expect any but the insane to turn out for the afternoon ride under those conditions and this opinion was vindicated when I received this report from Andrew the next morning ……

“After consuming a coffee at Cog Bike Cafe, I was beginning to wonder if anyone else was going to ride at all. I was sure there was an email from the president stating that a “straw poll” of the group would be taken to discuss the upcoming Sunday Club Ride. I thought he was going to start at Wandin or Woori Yallock.


So I set off at 13:00 being both the tortoise and the hare. No one else at Wandin, nobody at Killara or on the way to Woori. It’s easy to maintain pelotonic discipline with 2 or more riders, but solo, all the rules go out the window, I made it to Woori in 30 minutes.


I must admit that the ride was a little damp in places, but no worse than the previous thursday where 10+ riders assembled along the trail.
I joined Paul @ Woori and we left at 13:35 when it was obvious that no-one else was going to join us.

Obviously the KWT’s absence must have been a big factor in keeping the crowd away. I made up for Peter’s absence by obtaining and fixing my own puncture behind the Milk Bar next to the Launch Pub. Just as well there was plenty of running water in the drain beside the trail, it helped to wash all the mud etc of the rim prior to replacing the tube and fitting the tyre. Good idea Paul !


There was no confusion at Trailblazers Cafe about which coffee belonged to who, but they thought there would be more people turn up.
Given that, the peloton (it takes two or more doesn’t it) reassembled for the return trip well before 15:00, arriving uneventfully at Woori at 15:45. I bade Paul farewell and began the return to Mt Evelyn, arriving there at 16:25, not bad given the conditions.


I met 3 Bob walking his dog near Seville, he did seem surprised when I called out “G’Day Bob” as I rode past.

All up, it probably rained for about 10 minutes on the whole trip and there were patches of sunshine !”


Andrew Dunne


FYI, Trailblazers is going to be closed 30th July to 6th August inclusive.