In Which Even Noah Stayed Home

The weather forecast was just about as bleak as it can get – heavy rain, thunderstorms, strong winds, freezing temperatures, volcanoes and earthquakes. (Actually I might have imagined the lasttwo items, but you get the picture). It was not exactly the best conditions for riding bikes along the Warby Trail.

Midway through the morning I decided to check the weather radar to see what was happening. It looked like someone had tipped a tin of blue paint over the entire Melbourne area. I looked out the window. It was pouring down. The decision was simple. Only a fanatic would ride on a day like today. I stayed home.

Later I found that 3 riders had actually turned their backs on common sense and completed the ride. Apparently it was a very ugly spectacle. Now what was that saying about “discretion being the better part of valour”?