In Which Paul Gets Stung

Sometimes all it takes is a very small thing to spoil a good ride. A minute hole in a tube can deflate a tyre quick enough to break the spirit of any rider. A small annoying squeak on a bike can drive a cyclist almost to despair. The first tiny scratch on a new bike can reduce a grown man to tears. A tiny flying insect can also bring about a premature end to a ride on the Warby Trail, as Paul discovered during this ride.

Up till the unfortunate incident with the flying buzz bomb everything had gone very well. Our peloton had swelled in numbers and the weather was fine and mild. In fact it looked like we would be treated to a most enjoyable outing. It was only when we pulled up at Woori Yallock that Paul let out a cry of pain and rapidly started pulling at his gloves. It wa obvious that something of major proportions had happened. Usually in these circumstances the rest of the group would start laughing, but this was not possible because none of us knew what the problem was at that stage.

After a few moments Paul managed to inform us that he had been bitten by a bee. Although this might not seem to be a serious matter, apparently he had experienced issues with bee stings in the past and felt it wise to finish his ride and go seek medical attention. The only other time that I could recall an insect attack during a ride was when Crasher Lewis rode into a swarm of wasps on a Phillip Island Ride – now that really had been hilarious to watch!

With Paul’s premature evacuation from the ride, the rest of the riders proceeded on to Milgrove in a (slightly) more serious state of mind. Fortunately we experienced no further insectile incursions and were able to complete the ride in relative safety.

With the forthcoming Lungbuster in a few days I was wondering whether a bee sting during the ride could actually increase or decrease a cyclist’s speed.