In Which we Rode the Warby Trail (I think)

Maybe I’m just getting old. Or maybe it’s because I waited too long before completing this official account of the ride. The problem is simply that I can’t seem to remember very much about the ride at all. Now that a week has passed by, try as I might, I just can’t seem to recall more than a few fleeting fragments of last Thursday’s ride.

I seem to remember riding along the trial, and since I can’t recall getting getting wet, I guess it must have been a fine day. I have examined myself for cuts and abrasions and, since I can’t find any, I can assume that I didn’t fall off at any time during the ride. Since the tyres on my bike are still inflated I can also assume that I didn’t get a puncture.

Vague images of a vast peloton come creeping into my sub conscious mind but I am not sure if they are based on fact or whether they are just an outworking of my wishful thinking. Whatever the reason, I choose to think that we must have had at least 20 riders who rode with discipline and precise formation for the whole length of the trail. (I can also remember a flying pig that hovered over us for most of the ride.)

Lunch must have been OK, since I have not been sick with food poisoning. Also, since I am now at home, I must have had a safe trip back after the ride.

In spite of the hazy state of my memory I am sure of TWO things at least – (1) Hooters once again was absent without trace and (2) the rest of us had a great time on our bikes.

Now, where did I put my tablets I wonder ?????