In Which we Turn Lebanese

(Story supplied guest journalist- Jon Bate)

Many thanks to Bob Needham for organising this Thursday ride. What a delight! All conditions worked in our favour with the result that no one suffered from “Riders bum”

Car parking was easy at Heathmont.

Lovely shade was provided the parked cars whilst we were away.

The riding weather was ideal, short sleeves and sunnies.

The 62km distance was perfectly matched to rider fitness.

The coffee and Turkish cakes at Dandenong were a delight

And as for the trail

From Heathmont to Wantirna to Jells Park it was 90.72% sealed Brand new surface met us in parts of Jells, so new that we were the ones to make the fresh tyre marks

Then through the wet (remember that word?) lands to the Eastern creek overpass, we rode again on newly sealed concrete.

From there Bob took us up to the Eastlink freeway and down the new bike track to Dandenong. What magic that was, viz all downhill except for the UP bits and a surface as smooth as a baby’s something. Almost a tail wind and a relaxed stroll to the Dandy Lebanese Bakery for a leisurely top up of sugar.

It was too relaxing to leave but leave we must. So along the old return track from Dandy to Jells where we really did have a tail wind, then to Heathmont for the end of a most relaxed and comfortable journey.

A special thanks to Bob for suggesting the tour, to Peter Warren who once again rode last man and therefore always gets stuck with the repairs, and to Ghost riders who showed common sense and courtesy to fellow track users by riding single file on the narrower sections of the trail. It was indeed the “Best for the Bum” ride I have been on

(I made one mistake and offer it here as a learning experience. On the return trip, about 5km from the car park, Peter W suddenly realized it was 5.30, and he’d promised to have the car to Joan, in Emerald by 5.00. He was in deep strife. So he forsook his tail end spot and took off to make up time. As he was not sure of the way I offered to go with him. Whatta mistake to make! Try keeping pace with Peter Warren for 5km when he is on a mission. I may be OK to ride again in a month time. In the meantime my masseur awaits.