Ingolstadt to Kelheim

The weather today was probably the best we have enjoyed so far in this trip. With a top tem of about 24c and beautiful blue skies all day I can’t imagine better conditions for cycling. We decided to postpone our exit from ingolstadt until 11 am in order to give us extra time to explore the old city centre.

We then followed a clearly defined path for several km along the river bank before turning inland through an assortment of shady forests and open farmland.It truly is an amazing experience riding with a group of friends through a foreign country. Our yellow Ghostrider jerseys made us quite a spectacle and we were asked on numerous occasions to tell people about our trip and where we had come from. All the locals have been incredibly friendly and curious to know more about us.

The bike path passes through a succession of small villages each one dominated by the village church and its towering spire. About 8 km from Kelheim the Danube narrows as it enters a gorge.It is not possible to follow the bike path here and we had to get on board a ferry boat to complete the journey.

Our accommodation in Kelheim is right on the river bank and the rooms are furnished with fascinating antique furniture and collectables. Sue was surprised to find that her room actually spread over no less than 3 levels and was probably one of the most amazing rooms I have ever seen. That is one of the highlights of this sort of trip – you just never know what you are going to find around the next corner.

After our arrival in Kelheim Lionel and i climbed to the Pantheon looking circular building perched high above the town. This rewards the climber with a panoramic view out over the entire countrside. Unfortunately we arrived too late to enter the inside.

All in all an incredible day’s riding – rated 10/10