Pakenham to Warragul Ride

This ride is an extension of our popular Pakenham to Drouin Ride (documented elsewhere). In this variation you follow the normal route to Drouin, where you can take the opportunity for a coffee stop before undertaking the final leg to Warragul. On the final leg you have a choice of either following the Princes Highay all the way or you may like to explore the brand new bike path from Drouin to Warragul. This path is mostly sealed with a smooth concrete surface and therefore suitable for all types of bikes (including road bikes). Because of its meandering path it does add a couple of extra km and a few short but sharp hills into the ride.

When you arrive at Warragul there are a number of eateries available for you to feed up before the long ride back to Pakenham. If you followed the bike path on the outward leg you may like to try the road for the return leg. There is a good bike lane and the riding is quite easy and fast (unless you have a head wind).

Most of the roads are relatively quiet, however there are some busy sections where care should be taken. We would recommend riders ride in single file on the busier sections.

Total Distance: 94 km

The Google Earth overlay can be found here.