Warburton to Narbethong via the Acheron Way

This ride offers delightful forest riding along a road very little used by vehicular traffic. Expect to see lyrebirds and marvelous views as you make your way from Cement Creek to Narbethong. There are two optional stating points (1) If you are feeling very energetic you can start at Milgrove and make your way to Warburton and then tackle the steep climb up to Cement Creek. or (2) Leave your car at the Cement Creek car park and start your ride there.

Total Distance: 85 km approx

From Cement Creek there is approx 12 km of unsealed surface making the ride unsuitable for road bikes or racers. It is best suited to mountain bikes or hybrids. This section climbs gently and rewards with beautifual forest scenery and bush sounds. Once you reach the sealed section you can enjoy a beautiful descent all the way to Narbethong where there is limited opportunity for a coffee and snack.

On the return leg you simply retrace your path back up the hill. It is a steady climb but achievable for anyone of average bike fitness. Once you are over the summit you can enjoy a fast descent all the way back to your cars. If you choose the shorter option the total distance is about 60 km, if you choose the longer ride you will be riding about 85 km.

The Google Earth route can be found here. Please note that because of the extensive tree cover, the route is not precise.